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Bastion Hotels Lowest Rate Guarantee

The Lowest Rate Guarantee of Bastion Hotels

Can you book a stay at Bastion Hotels for a lower price on another website? Sleep the first night for free!

At Bastion Hotels, we’re convinced that you’ll always find the lowest rates for our hotel rooms on our own website. We’re so sure of our prices that we decided to offer our guests a Lowest Rate Guarantee. Are you able to book a stay in one of our hotels (with the same exact conditions) for a lower price on another website? We’ll give you your first night for free!

Always the lowest price, guaranteed!

You will always pay the lowest rate for a Bastion Hotels room when you book directly via our own website. Did you manage to book a stay in one of our hotels for less money via another website? We will offer you the first night of your booking (1 room, accommodation only) for free!

Bastion Hotels will only compensate one night of hotel accommodation when you submit a Lowest Rate Guarantee claim that is approved by our Customer Support agents. Before submitting your claim, make sure that the lower rate you found online is actually lower than the price we offer for the same room. When comparing prices on with other websites, please check if:

  • The arrival- and departure date are identical;
  • The payment- and cancellation policies are identical;
  • The content of the reservation is exactly the same (incl. breakfast, meals, room type etc.);
  • The net price on the other website is actually lower than on (excluding VAT and local taxes).

Please note: in some cases, it is not possible to make a Lowest Rate Guarantee claim:

  • When the lower price on another website is part of a special promotion and/or (member) deal;
  • When you book for a company that has a fixed rate agreement with Bastion Hotels. On average, these fixed rates are our best prices throughout the year; incidental deviations per period/day will always remain possible.

How can I submit a Lowest Rate Guarantee claim?

Did you find an actual lower price for a stay at Bastion Hotels and do you wish to make a claim to our Lowest Rate Guarantee? Follow the 3 steps below and submit your claim before your date of arrival to our Customer Support department via [email protected].

  1. Make a confirmed booking on the website where you found the lower price;
  2. Within 30 minutes after this booking, make a print screen of the higher price on Please make sure that the current time is clearly visible;
  3. Add the original booking confirmation of the other website and the print screen of as an attachment to your email.

Your claim will be processed during office hours (Monday to Friday from 08:00 until 17:00). Outside our regular office hours, Bastion Hotels will respond as quickly as possible. If the handling of your claim is not completed before the time of check-in, your original reservation will stay valid and the Lowest Rate Guarantee claim will be handled after your stay.

Terms & Conditions

The terms and conditions mentioned above apply to the Lowest Rate Guarantee of the private company Bastion Holding B.V., established in Amsterdam, with its registered office in Utrecht, The Netherlands. Bastion Holding B.V. guarantees the lowest rates for its hotel rooms booked via and

Employees in our hotels are not entitled to comment on/handle claims to the Lowest Rate Guarantee of Bastion Holding B.V.

Lowest Price Guarantee

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